Forte Partners will provide the perfect environment for the users’ Health and Wellbeing with meaningful changes implemented for Pandemic measures.

Post pandemic improvements:

Full procedural implementations by REHVA guidelines

Improved AHU's now HEPA filter ready

Rearranged fans inside AHU for virtual 0% loss leakage from the exhaust to supply

Touchless route implemented for common space(LPR, automatic opening doors, App integration with lift management system)

Full height Operable Windows

Extensive terraces available with sustainable greenery perfect for collaboration and relaxing zones

Biophilic design within the office(greenery) and smart and sustainable external designed greenery

Building rules:

Use of facial masks

Disinfection stations

Social distancing

Touchless systems including

Use of smartphones for all access systems

Lift control without touching lift call buttons via Forte Partners smartphone applications

Automated Tenant access doors

Forte Partners is constantly following the latest developments and recommendations to ensure its buildings remain the safest and healthiest places to work.

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