The Project has been developed to incorporate all of the latest Class A standards and modern technologies and the technical specifications can be provided upon request. These specifications include the following features but is non-exhaustive:

icon Building Application
Building Application

- Developed by Forte Partners with SpotUs

- Parking Real-Time Visibility, Reservations and Allocations

- Visitor Easy Invitation and Access

- Integration with Lift Management System

- Resource Booking(Desks/Meeting Rooms and the Like) in Real-Time

- Dashboard Control by Tenant with App on all smartphones

icon “Smart” Ample Ventilation
“Smart” Ample Ventilation

- A large amount of operable windows

- Ample fresh air considered in design including VAV (optimal fresh air distribution) on all main connections

- High efficient AHU’s with heat recovery

icon Solar Panels
Solar Panels

- Installed on roof for free hot water

icon Electric Car Chargers
Electric Car Chargers

- Car chargers installed

- Allowances included in power to ensure more chargers to be added over time

icon BMS Interactive
BMS Interactive

Full BMS including additional modules for:

- Tenant Dashboard to understand temperatures, speeds, problems and Co2

- Weather forecast with adaption to ensure efficiencies gained from pre-warning of likely temperatures

icon Free Cooling
Free Cooling

- High efficient water cooled chillers with free cooling components via cooling tower resulting in energy consumption savings for top performance

icon Biophilic Design
Biophilic Design

- Extensive greenery in front of building and across multiple accessible terraces

icon Efficient Water Use
Efficient Water Use

- Reuse of rainwater for external irrigation

icon Bicycle Parking / Facilities
Bicycle Parking / Facilities

- Provided above and below ground and showers and lockers

icon Natural Light
Natural Light

- Use of large sized glazing (but high thermal performance values) coupled with internal lighting for optimum efficiency and comfort

icon Lighting Control
Lighting Control

- LED lighting automatically controlled by presence sensors and dimmable considering natural light

icon Sustainable design
Sustainable design

- Designing buildings that work within its local environment and with ample public transport connections

- Ensuring design efficiency with the end user in mind

- Designing internal and external areas to promote health and wellbeing, natural light, greenery and friendliness

icon Materials

- Choosing materials with reduced maintenance components, use of recycled materials and excluding materials with high VOC emissions

- Condensation boilers

icon Green Certification
Green Certification

- Including all of the efficiencies required on order to obtain top scoring in BREEAM Outstanding with a high score and WELL certification processes

icon Carbon Emissions
Carbon Emissions

- Buildings with BREEAM Outstanding are in top 5% in terms of reducing carbon emissions in construction and operational phases

Carbon Emissions

Buildings with BREEAM Outstanding are in top 5% in terms of reducing carbon emissions in construction and operational phases.

BREEAM Outstanding

BREEAM Outstanding certification with a score of 91.6, the highest such score awarded in Romania to an office building destined to leasing purposes.

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